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Offer your customers every type of fun under the sun with inflatables from Big & Bight Inflatables. Along with novelty water slides and games, we provide obstacle course bounce houses, inflatable mazes, and all the necessary equipment to deliver, install, and pack the rental inflatables. Grow your business by providing fun outdoor party rentals for every age group and special occasion—and learn more about how our team can help you every step of the way with obstacle courses built for long-lasting fun.


Information on Our Inflatable Obstacle Courses


Inflatable obstacle courses are fun outdoor activities for festivals, children's birthday parties, or other outdoor celebrations. We even have Christmas-themed combo inflatables! Our obstacle courses include exciting features like: 

  • Water slides
  • Climbing walls
  • Tunnels
  • Bouncy floors with obstacles
  • Fun and brightly colored theme decorations
  • Raceways so two or more users can speed to the finish line at once


Choose from simple obstacles built for all ages, long races up to 69 feet, and everything in between. We offer multiple different inflatable course options with different difficulties, features, lengths, and heights so you can find the perfect fit for your market.


Our obstacle course bounce houses also come in various themes, from tropical waves to jungles to nuclear-themed. Our team can help you choose from our inventory of primary-colored slides, obstacle course units designed for young children, and extra-long obstacle courses with five or more obstacles to race through. We also have NJ and PA-certified courses to suit your company's market and insurance needs.


Why Buy Our Inflatable Obstacle Courses?


At Big & Bright Inflatables, we're committed to creating long-lasting, easy-to-set-up inflatables for party rental companies. Our bounce obstacle courses are ruggedly built for years of use and feature bright colors and patterns that will be a hit at any celebration. Along with multiple obstacle course bouncy house options, we provide everything you need to grow your business, reach more customers, and have an easy time setting up part rentals. This includes:


  • Bigfoot dollys are sized and constructed to make moving inflatables easy. Your teams can position the inflatables in exactly the right spot and load them back in the truck without wasting time or using uncomfortable dollies.
  • Powerful blower units so your staff can quickly inflate rented inflatables and keep your customers happy without stress
  • Additional hardware to keep your operations running smoothly, including ratchet straps, sandbags, stakes, and cleaners

We know that rental companies are working harder than ever to provide their customers with inflatable fun that is safe and exciting fun for children and attendees of all ages. We're here to provide you with the inflatables, equipment, and hardware you need to scale up your business and provide great experiences with customers returning for more.


Visit our shopping catalog for easy payment terms, shipping or pick-up delivery options, and 30-day refund options.


You can also expand your offerings with inflatable fieldhouses, volleyball courses, themed playlands, and ball pits. Get it all from one source for easy installation and breakdown. We regularly update our productions with new themes, exciting features, and fun ideas your target markets will love.


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Inflatable obstacle courses are the icing on top of every party, and Big & Bright Inflatables provides dozens of fun inflatables that you can rent out to your market. Contact us today to learn more about our products, or browse our catalog to find everything from pirate-themed obstacle courses to tropical water slides and 60-foot race courses. You can find our entire product selection here.