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Let us do the heavy lifting for you with your party rental business—buy one (or several!) of our Big Foot heavy-duty Inflatable dollies. With the right equipment, loading, unloading, and setting up commercial inflatable mazes, water slides, and bounce castles can be a breeze. 


At Big & Bright Inflatables, we have the dollies, straps, blowers, and hardware you need to set up and break down inflatables faster than ever. But don't hold your business back with low-quality equipment dollies. Instead, see how heavy-duty moving dollies can support your business and make all the difference for your field teams.


What Big Foot Heavy-Duty Inflatable Dollies Can Do For You?


Standard dollies have two wheels, a narrow platform, and a rickety metal frame. Even with a two-person team, the risk of inflatables falling off the dolly, bending into the wrong shape, and being impossible to transport into the middle of a backyard or field is too high. But Big Foot Inflatable Dollies are different, with four wheels, an oversized heavy-duty frame, and plenty of hooks and platforms for attaching everything you need. With a 60" or 72" Big Foot dolly from Big & Bright Inflatables, you and your teams can:

  • Efficiently transport inflatables of all shapes and sizes
  • Easily maneuver the cart on two wheels for moving tall loads or on four wheels for big and heavy equipment; our dollies come with or without inflated caster wheels for your convenience.
  • Pop over the street curbs with the oversized bottom wheels, and easily pull the dolly across gravel or grass surfaces.
  • Attach blowers, straps, kits, and more to the numerous hook attachments and bars welded into the dolly frame.
  • Strap in the loads, tighten the straps with the built-in crank, and then effortlessly loosen the straps with a single spring-powered push once you're at the inflation site.
  • Carry everything you need in one trip to cut down on inflation and deployment time before a party and streamline the breakdown process once the party's over.

Your tools should be doing the hard work for you so you can reach more party sites and grow your business. Deploying your field teams with Big Foot heavy-duty dollies will make all the difference.


What Makes Big Foot Heavy-Duty Inflatable Dollies Special?


Different dollies don't seem that special—unless you're in the business of lifting heavy loads. Tools like construction dollies aren't just for construction. Our Big Foot equipment dollies are specially designed so you can carry everything at once without slowing down or anything falling out of place. The features of our industrial dollies include:

  • Four inflated caster wheels 
  • A wide platform for helping with heavier loads
  • Wide kickplates so you can push the dolly into the right position for easy movement
  • Hooks and built-in shelves for carrying patches, pegs, extra parts, extension cords, and everything you need for any party inflatable
  • The choice between a 60" dolly and a 72" dolly
  • Four different frame colors so you can pick equipment that strengthens your brand
  • A frame surrounded by bars and tabs for securing straps
  • A built-in crank and spring-release mechanism for straps


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Professional-level hardware makes a big difference when you want to build your business. At Big & Bright Inflatables, we're committed to the inflatables business, and we only provide high-quality hardware that we trust to get the job done without your teams looking bad or doing extra, unnecessary work.


Contact us today to order your Big Foot heavy-duty Inflatable dollies—and browse our catalog to find the hard-working blowers and inflatables you need to keep your business growing.